Nonsense and Poppycock!      by     James Cody Goodwin

Cool title, right? That is my reaction to the verbal diarrhea pouring forth from the mouth of the Secretary of this wasteful and exploitative department.

Did he actually expect people to believe that FIFTY incarcerated individuals, under quarantine, just up and left their locked cells, then their locked tiers then their locked unit then marched through the prison and how ever many check points out onto a locked yard? all while under the watchful eyes of C.O.s cameras and gun towers? D.O.C. must have zero respect for the mental capacity of the American public.

Not a single at risk inmate on my tier, and we have many elderly men with diabetes and other pure existing medical ailments, have been ‘asked to move to some imaginary safer housing assignment. not one. and if they were asked they would say no.

The head of the crime family otherwise known as the secretary of D.O.C. said at risk incarcerated individuals do not want to move out of desire not to give up creature comforts? the first batch of quarantined individuals were locked in the hole and did not even receive HYGIENE, they are escorted to a shower in hand cuffs once every two days, received no hour out in the isolation recreation yard, which is just a larger cell with a pull upon bar and phone, so they could not phone their family, they were not sending or receiving mail. no books or anything else to read. so yeah, to hell with that shit.

I will say, as certain staff became more and more informed of this situation, including our captain, the situation slowly improved. in mates who were assigned to work down their were able to regularly speak with our C.P.M. and our C.P.M. and they with others did what they could to get shit right. however, the word got out which fit with the inmates perception of staff base on years of experience and the damage was done.

my intention is not to say that all who work here are evil ass holes, that is not the case. but this department is a lying evil destructive piece of shit in need of abolishment.

the people running this department and its individual institutions made some mistakes, they screwed some things up and made things worse. it happens, its normal. just tell the people that. then move on and work to make things better, rather then get on t.v. and portray yourselves as doing some kind of fantastic job that is continuously being jeopardized by an uncooperative population. nonsense.

I promise you, none of us want to get sick and we certainly don’t want to die.

But let us ALL be honest and work this out together. this is not an us versus them prison yard type of situation. Stop pretending it is. that just poppycock!

James Cody Goodwin