Are middle schools ran like prisons or are prisons ran like middle schools?    by   Jonathan Mera

Please tell me if it’s just me thinking this or is there some truth to my thoughts. Its been well over 18 years since I last attended middle school, but my younger nephew is in that stage of his life, and during this pandemic we’ve had an extended amount of time to just “talk” about a plethora of subjects. Recently we discussed what a “normal” day in middle school looked like for him? The similarities were more than just a few.

In middle school they have class periods which means you spend an assigned amount of time in a classroom going over a certain subject then you move on to the next class when the bell rings, you have a few minutes to get to your next class before being marked “tardy” and given at least a stern look form the teacher. Enough “tardies” and you can end up in trouble, such as being sent to the principal’s office, a referral, detention after class, or even loss of recess.

In prison we have what’s called “movements”. Anywhere you go such as the gym, the yard, school, work, meetings, or “call-outs” (appointments). You have to be there for at least an hour no matter how long it takes for you to do whatever it was you went there to do. At the end of that hour we get five minutes to move to our next place they tell you to go. If you’re late you get turned back to your cell, and infracted for missing a “call-out”. The consequences for this infraction vary from a warning, to loss of rec (our recess), cell-confinement (our detention), and if you don’t agree or want to argue your point, it can earn you a trip to the lieutenant’s office (our principal) where he/she decides what will happen to you. Do you go back to your cell, or do you go to segregation?

These are just a few things that seem the same, and I still haven’t even got to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Where we go thru a line, scan our IDs, get a tray of food, and sit in assigned rows of seats. Now ask a teenager that is in middle school and ask them how they run lunch at school?

Now I’m not writing about me, I was involved in a crime and have to finish paying off my debt to society, but what did our kids do to deserve to be treated like inmates or why are we being treated like middle school kids? What’s your opinion? Mine is really on the kid’s side not mine. Just something to think about. Wash your hands, stay home, take care be safe and tell me what you think.

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