90 Hours In 7 Days Making Masks    by    Ruth Utnage

Masks…for the past 7 days all I’ve done is make masks. My back hurts from 14 hour days, email inbox is littered with messages, I haven’t called my family in days, I’m barely able to make time to shower. 90 hours in 7 days making masks. Insane. Hours like that are unheard of in prisons.

Now it’s Monday and I’m back at it but over this last weekend we put in 42 hours but made over 1600 masks, enough to provide 2 to each inmate in our institution. That feels good. We destroyed our fabric supply and ran our sewing machines so hard that two of them broke completely and what’s left is our specialty machines that we do patterned quilting on usually. We don’t know how we’re going to resupply our fabric, machines, threads or sanity…but we did the impossible, we cared.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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