Prison Moms…     by    Rory Andes

It’s not the moms who come to prison that I’m talking about. It’s not even just the mothers of the incarcerated (although they have important skin in this game). It’s the women who take on a role for those that have lost their way. They come in the form of staff, volunteers and the mothers of friends who make every effort to care about all of us. These women are prison moms and they also give the very best of themselves to create complete human beings. I’ve seen it a million times where a woman in authority has ever so lovingly busted some ass, all in the name of nurturing… then they deeply and meaningfully nurture. They correct the wrong and nurture the best character traits. It’s motherly and they do it daily.

Volunteers do the same, but in ways that really empower us. I’ve been challenged to dream so often by a woman who felt it was her duty to volunteer time to build great people. And they do what they do so well. I wouldn’t enjoy public speaking if it wasn’t for a woman volunteer who saw something in me. And it isn’t just me they work with. They do it for thousands of us.

But one of the most important to me is the mother of a friend. I lost my mom a long time ago and I miss her ability to bring out the best emotions in me. Thank God for the mom of an incarrated friend. I have had experiences that were painful and she was there to do the very thing my mom would have done. She said the right thing, right on time. She’s a blessing to be sure. But she’s a mom… That’s what they do.

All of these outstanding women deserve a Happy Mother’s Day. Without them, some of us wouldn’t have a “mother” to wish good will to on their day. If this applies to you and you’ve given energy into raising an inmate in any way, Mother’s Day is definitely for you to enjoy… And THANK YOU!

by Rory Andes

It takes a strong will, a smart mind and a soft heart to be a prison mom.

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