Transgendered Business Leaders?    by    Ruth Utnage

When I think of powerful business leaders people like Jeff Bezos, Jack Welch, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet come to mind immediately. When I try to think of powerful transgendered business leaders…well, Janet Mock comes to mind but as much as I admire her and her success, it is a different success than the straight white men listed above.

I hate that and I want to fix it.

I am not talking about the destruction of heterosexual patriarchy here (okay, maybe a little, lol), I’m talking about giving folks like me a target to hit. Now, I am one tenacious…ahem, person, I have stood toe to toe in situations with overwhelming odds against me- and prevailed- but when it comes to becoming the business woman I want to be, it seems I’ll have to blaze new trails. However, I know that isn’t true.

There are trans business owners who are successful, it’s just they aren’t as visible in mainstream media. But they should be.

Last time I checked the average life expectancy for a transwoman was something like 35 years and for transwomen of color it was far less than that. It seems that our lives as transfolk are on borrowed time and visible career options blasted on primetime for us is still call girls and if you’re lucky, a reality star where you’ll be more exploited than a call girl and more objectified than any porn celeb ever will be.

Excuse me for not being excited about any of that.

So here I sit in prison with 18 months of a 126 month sentence left with aspirations that include breaking the pink ceiling that resides next to, and sometimes on top of, the glass ceiling. What I’d love more than anything is to follow in someone else’s footsteps who knows what challenges lay ahead of me. But if not, well…

I guess I’ll be setting a few new goals.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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