Who Are You?…     by    Rory Andes

I watched an episode of TLC’s “My 600lb Life” and one of the reoccurring statements from the show are ones I hear in here a lot from guys trying to change… “I’m doing it for my kids.” It’s a kind statement, but unfair to the person who says it. Lose weight (or change your life) because YOU are worth a healthy life. Rehabilitate in prison because YOUR life is worth more. It’s like this for me – The worst things I’ve done to myself, the ones that really made me lose myself, I did all because “I’m doing it for (fill in the blank).” Not me.

I did things with both good and bad intentions because I never put me in the equation. If you want to lose the weight, do it because the person in the mirror loves you. Do it because your health means more, your goals mean more, your self means more… To YOU. If you put all your focus on who you are and what you want for yourself, others will notice. Want to do more with your family by losing a few pounds? Want to get an education? Want to live the life you’ve always wanted? Start with the mirror by finding “you”. The world will notice, support and follow you. But start with you first. Become the champion of your own successes.

Any level of rehabilitation I do requires me to focus on the person in the mirror. I’m in prison because at some point in my life, I hated me, my life, my worth or any combination of it all. I made others know it and made them pay for it in a variety of ways. I have to know and love myself enough to know what to do with those terrible decisions. By learning to love myself (which I’m soooo not perfect at yet) I’ve become someone I know can be loved by others. Being a better person starts with knowing who you are though. So, I have to ask the question, “Who are you?”

by Rory Andes