A Night on the Town (the Yard)…    by   Rory Andes

Not too long ago, I wrote about “Family Dinner”. It was Saturday nights in the sewing room with the most important people I have in prison. Because nothing ever lasts forever and we must evolve to keep up, Ruth decided she had other obligations for her release that would interfere with Family Dinner night. Of course she needs to do what she needs to for release. But it was a heartfelt loss because I deeply cherished that space with her and Marshall. So to make it up, we moved the Family Dinner concept to Friday nights on the yard.

This Friday, Ruth, Marshall and I, along with now Christopher, were able to walk together outside and talk about big dreams and the plans Ruth and Marshall are making for the very near future. Plans about going to UW and taking charge of their lives. We all share the same ideas. Christopher’s addition was a lot of academia mixed with comedy and I laughed for an hour straight. It was amazing….

It reminded me of being nineteen again walking with my college friends (while I was a soldier) down the streets of Manhattan… Kansas… home of Kansas State Wildcats. Super free and connected to dreams of success. A Night on the Town (or Fridays on the yard) are going to be great in the summer months. And to dream that big with amazing people is still something I look forward to at the end of my week. One day, it will be a night through Seattle for all of us to meet in a restaurant and talk about all of the great things we did despite prison. I welcome the night on the town….

by Rory Andes

Keep your dreams big. The world is big enough for all of them….

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