The Scratch Paper Time Capsule    by    Christopher Havens

It’s no secret that I study math like a madman. At one point, I was receiving scratch paper by the box. This would come from CI (Correctional Industries). But because I go through such a huge amount of scratch paper, I began saving all paper that I might use in the future. Because of this, my stack of scratch paper is special. It gives me glimpses into past years of random ..things. Like a time capsule.

An example? sure. I’ve found papers containing old speeches I forgot I had given. I found papers from when I was trying to work out the original results from my first published paper. Geometric art.. Ideas that never were properly pursued because at the time I lacked the proper skill level. Today I found a letter to my mother (obviously it never made it to her) about how hard it was to pee in front of a cell mate from several years ago! ..kinda glad I never sent that out. 🙂 Oh and the endless proofs I had worked out in my past studies. It’s always nostalgic, to some degree, whenever I reach for the scratch paper.