Seconds of History…    by     Rory Andes

What does SpaceX, George Floyd demonstrations, COVID-19, and prison have in common? 12:22pm Pacific Standard Time on Saturday, May 30, 2020…

I’ve been waiting since Wednesday to find out if I could view the next launch window for SpaceX’s privately funded, manned Dragon rocket. I was originally bummed out because Wednesday was the day it was supposed to launch, but I was at work. This is the pioneer mission that will put the US back in the space race in our own carriage and then I heard it didn’t go because of weather. But, I was gonna be available to see that next window. Between Wednesday and today, however, the world changed a little more. You see, a man died senselessly at the hands of police and the country was set on fire over its mishandling in the meantime.

As I viewed the world through my electronic window, it was nonstop coverage of riots across America. I flipped channels several times hoping the news would break to the launch, hoping the madness would stop, hoping the news would find peace enough to step aside from our problems and view this positive piece of history. Then it did and at “T Minus 30 Seconds”, they announced “let’s light this candle”. I loved every second of watching the beauty of American engineering and courage climb beyond our world. I was so excited, I was cheering. And I noticed my glasses fogged up when I did…

For the last three months the world has been gripped in a pandemic that’s reached into every part of our society and in every community, even our closed off one in prison. The mask I wear to protect myself and others was trapping my excited breath and pushing it past my glasses, making it difficult to see. This once in a lifetime pandemic is historic, too, along with the return to space, the explosive tension of justice’s imbalance, and the view of all of these events from my prison cell. However, that last part is specific to my history, a chapter exclusive to my own book. But all these events hit me so profoundly because each and every one of us live such a rich history. All together and just seconds at a time…

by Rory Andes

Our world is fascinating – good, bad and everything in between….

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