Wind, Where Does It Come From    by    Ruth Utnage

I’m sure if I had Alexa or Google I would know where wind comes from, but I don’t have either…I’m in prison. Out of my cell window I can see clouds forming from precipitation evaporation in the far off distance, which is a beautiful sight BTW, and I can see the cloud hitting one of the layers of the atmosphere and fanning out against that invisible ceiling and the wind is gently pushing it to the South. This means the winds are currently from the North.

If the wind is coming from the North, is it coming from a jet stream? Does the same jet stream contain the same amount of wind and it just blows and blows into a continuous loop for the entirety of Earths existence? If Earth eventually blows up does the Earths wind disperse into the universe until it eventually glides into some big asteroid or planet with some sort of atmosphere to trap it. Is our wind eternal?

Maybe I’m thinking about it all wrong. Maybe the warm air rises to the cool air and small, invisible tornadoes form with the moisture in the air and the microscopic water droplets being tornadoed create wind and then a jet stream picks that up, stealing the tornadoes creation, its baby just to return it the next pass a full grown entity to propel its Mother into mayhem elsewhere allowing her to disperse her mournful rage onto the face of the Earth…maybe.

What makes the wind?

With Love
Ruth Utnage