Don’t Stop Now!      by    James Goodwin

I have been glued to my television watching as the protestors literally change the world. I have never wished I was no longer in prison more than I do now. I have never been more proud of my humanity.

It is my greatest dream to someday see the same people in the same numbers marching and protesting with the goal of reforming/abolishing this ignorant racist hypocritical prison industrial complex.

Prison in America and the policing of America are the two sides of the same filthy coin. The sons and daughters of color who were lucky enough to survive the racial targeting and deadly guns of the police are now dying a much slower death in the dungeons and cages of America’s prisons.

Or do you imagine that the systemic racism of this country stops once the hand off from police officer to corruptions, excuse me CORRECTIONS officer, is completed?

Do you imagine that the same racially biased and broken system which does the killing and arresting does not also do the booking, judging, sentencing and warehousing?

If you think that the types of people who are hired and tasked with the policing of our nations streets can sometimes be a poor example of character how much worse do you imagine the parodies of humanity working in the prison system must be. The requirements to become a so called corrections officer are far lower than those needed to become a police officer. Also, if you can conceive of such a thing, the accountability of our American prison system is far less than that of our police departments.

As much of a joke as our alleged justice system is, with its lack of real indigent defense and its obvious favoring of the wealthy to the detriment of the poor, multiply that by a hundred then strip it of all but the appearance of accountability and impartiality and then you may come close to the mockery of a prison infraction hearing.

The effects of such ‘hearings’ result in the loss of years of life with the loss of good conduct time and early release dates. we have all recently witnessed how little officers value the ability of some to breathe on the streets. how they will stand by and allow men and woman to be murdered simply because they are wearing the same outfit/uniform as the murderer. How they will lie and hide behind unions and protections built into the legal system which were paid for with the taxes of those they target and kill.

There are no body cams in prison. No all seeing cell phone lens. The air in here is the same as the air out there, yet it is far more likely to be choked off by the dogs of the state when safely hidden away from the sight of the public. 

So don’t stop now!

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