Advertising Dollars…    by      Rory Andes

“Cops… filmed on location, as it’s happening. All suspects are guilty. Period.”

…If the public that dumps time and advertising dollars into this shit didn’t believe it, they’d just turn that garbage off and the well would dry up. The shear volume of shows that celebrate the “good vs evil, us vs them” on the two sides of the law is staggering. From the longevity of scripted shows like Dick Wolf’s Law and Order, to the ratings monsters of the NCIS franchise, to the reality based varieties like Cops, Live PD, 60 Days In, Lock-Up, Lock Down, America’s Most Wanted, or even the entire Investigative Discovery channel, the enboldenment of rouge law enforcement also falls on the people paying big money to glorify the raids on poor communities. STOP WATCHING!

I understand the outcry for defunding police, however complicated that truly is. How about also defunding Hollywood’s glorification of the American tragedy we call justice. When a film crew stomps through the trailer park or the ghetto, do they leave any cash behind for being allowed to exploit those broken communities? Nope. How about while communities are forced to watch some municipal militant sick the dogs on a poor crack addict, you protest against all the shows that make millions displaying it. Here’s a reality for you… 97% of incarcerated people release back to the communities they came from. You don’t want them to be bad neighbors, so push back and end the cockfighting environment you get to see them in on TV. Spend your money fixing that, huh? But for the love of your fellow man, defund the exploitation by an industry that’s more than happy to fleece your community through showcasing your tragedies as mere entertainment. Then they have the nerve to complain with you about it…

If big Hollywood and its executive producers were even remotely concerned about the underprivileged communities that seems to hold nothing but crime and their paychecks, they’d put their talents into shows that teach all of us how to fix the problems, not celebrate them. But I guess true justice doesn’t make for good ratings. Do your part and turn them off.

by Rory Andes

Your dollar counts. Spend wisely….

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