Pushing Forward (and that counts!)    by    Ruth Utnage

I did it. I wrote a piece to submit to Journal of Prisoners on Prisons and I wrote it on how prison culture impacts desistance (stopping criminal activity). I wrote this thing out using my past 9.5 years of experience and poured every ounce of me into getting this thing submittable.

I emailed it out, which took 7 emails to 2 people for a total of 14 emails just to find out that in the emailing process all of the editing was deleted. You know, things like spaces between paragraphs and indents on titles…no big deal, except that it was 18 pages long…and had to be fixed by phone, which cost me $8 when I make $.36/hour or $40/month…not to mention that my wonderful Mother had to go over 18 pages of text line by line painstakingly indenting here, enter there, tab here…All in an effort to even be considered for publishing. Kind of funny when I think about it.

The first person I’m sending it to is a well-published criminologist, Shadd Maruna, hopefully he’ll be kind enough to give me some pointers before submission on the July 1st. But I asked him to be my mentor in my last email and he stopped responding, lol. oops. Oh well, I tried.

But you know what, I’m super proud of myself, I pushed forward even knowing that I might fail, I’m totally fine with that. As my Aussie friends would say “I got my sunnies on mate because my future is looking bright!”

Hey, you know what? I was in the arena and I’ll go back again and again until I am victorious.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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