Is There Finishing School For Transgendered Women Releasing From Prison. I Could Use Some HELP!     by     Ruth Utnage

I took a wonderful program called CEO of Your New Life (CEO-YNL) through Defy Ventures Washington and part of the curriculum was on “Etiquette”. I never really considered things like ‘continental’ or ‘how to signal you are done eating’ or ‘when to excuse yourself from a table’. When I read this chapter I got the point, I’m way behind in upper class etiquette. I have much to learn.

I need someone to work with me on some finer things, how to sit like a lady, for instance. I feel silly for asking but I couldn’t be more serious, I need help learning to be a lady. Right now I got trailer park mistress down to a fine art, believe me I grew up around my fair share (love them all, yes, even THOSE ones) of barefooted, curlers in the hair, big boned holler trollers but now I need to enter the community with a fair shot. Help me be a lady.

I’m an empty cup and a humble student.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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Jeff Utnage