Doing What I Have To Do So I Can Do What I Live To Do     by    Ruth Utnage

It is not everyday you get to do exactly what you love and live for. If I had my perfect world I would write research papers all day every day and operate on the cutting edge of academia in Criminology and Sociology. This past few weeks I got to do just that. Well, and I went to work.

By day I folded thousands of sheets and by evening I read and crossed referenced everything I could get my hands on. My neck would get sore from craning down and a few days ago hands locked up on me from writing so much, it was wonderful! I was doing what I know I was born for and it feels good.

How lucky I feel that even though I’m in prison I don’t have to act like it. I don’t have to be angry or “waiting until I get out”. I can do it now, so I am, so I have been.

Who knows what my future holds but it feels good to know I feel happy and now that I do, I’m not letting go of this, not ever, it’s mine now. It was expensive, I used every penny I had to make this happen, to write an article to submit to academia. Totally worth it!

I don’t know how I’m going to get more phone money or postage money or how I’m going to keep buying jpay stamps or how I’m going to get more research papers. Don’t be surprised if I end up getting a gofundme account started so I can have release money to get my education done right…

Any volunteers to help?

With Love
Ruth Utnage

Feel free to contact me, a little human contact is always welcome

jeff aka Ruth Utnage 823469 C-601-2
PO Box 888
Monroe, WA. 98272

or via Jpay email service (you have to use my birth name, but, please do not call me by it, my new legal name is Ruth)

Jeff Utnage