Little Bright Yellow Bird      by    Ruth Utnage

Outside my cell window in the newly dug soil for growing produce a small, bright yellow bird landed. I noticed it right away because it didn’t belong, it was abnormal, unusual, anomalous.

At first I thought it might just be a bright yellow leaf blowing in the wind, nothing spectacular to take a second look at. Its movements, though, gave it away. Small, fast hops that landed sure footed to peck at something on the ground. Little whirs of yellow like lightning streaks across the blackish soil.

“What are you doing here bird, you don’t belong here. You are too pretty for this place. Can’t you see that you are the only one of your kind? All around you is brown birds, seagulls of white, black crows, and white and brown birds. There are no yellow birds.”

I was glad it landed. Do you know why? Just because tradition says “you don’t belong here, you shouldn’t be here” doesn’t mean its right, now does it.

I want to be that bird wherever I go.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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