Is Trans Hostility Real?       by    Ruth Utnage

Depending on which news channel I watch depends on whether or not I’m “disgusting” as a trans woman. On Fox News an anchor, who I shall refuse to name because I despise them, just conducted an interview with a woman and they agreed that trans people are “disgusting”. Then went so far as to say they were brave for saying so. Proud Republicans? I don’t know.

Then if I go to CNN I seem to be accepted so long as I have a healthy hatred of Republicans. Hate them because they hate me? I don’t know about that either.

I am witnessing, no feeling, the spark of divide heat this country like a forest fire and if I listen to television the world I’m getting out too might just hate me and not just secretly, but openly and directly. Then it seems that I might be hated because I refuse to hate those that hate me because they are practicing hate. Sheesh!

It’s been a decade since I’ve been out and I do not know what awaits me out there. Is it hostile? Will I go to buy shoes and get stoned to death like some Salem-ish witch hunt, find the tranny’s and burn ’em on stakes?

What, when you can’t hate a race, when that’s unacceptable, switch to trans genders? Just have to have an enemy huh?

So sad.

Is this a real thing or is the media just overplaying things?

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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