Book Review: “Powerful” by Patty McCord     by    Ruth Utnage

First and foremost, I want to meet the author of this book, Patty McCord. Her insight into forward leaning business is eye opening and even counter to what I’ve been taught. Obviously there is a wellspring of knowledge and intelligence that an entrepreneurial hopeful, like myself, could learn from.

The book was easy to understand and despite my very busy life I read it in a few nights. Frankly, I couldn’t wait to get home and pick it back up. I’d be at work thinking about how I wished I worked in an environment where direct communication and open debates were fostered and taught, both cultural points she speaks about extensively.

This book has a message that extends beyond fast-paced tech companies though, if you spend the time to think about it. The one thing I keep mulling over in my head, begging to talk to someone about even, is the idea of flexibility in our network. Although she doesn’t speak about the concepts outside of a professional scope, I certainly see wisdom that breaches professionalism and has a courtship with my social life. Specifically, knowing when to say goodbye.

I recommend this book for anyone who is a people pleaser and has problems telling people no, even when its not in their own best interest. Also, anyone interested in career advancement.

Obviously, I loved it, thanks to whoever sent it to me. (Unless I’m told by the person who sends it, I have no idea who sends me a book(s)…)

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Ruth Utnage

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