Renee’s Outta Here!     by     Ruth Utnage

One of my best friends in the whole world went home today. I am so proud to call her my friend.

Actually, I am feeling so much right now. I am sad to see her go and I am so happy, so, so happy. I hate watching people I love go away but this feels different. She earned this. This is hers. She came in a confused…not girl, and is leaving this woman who has blossomed into a true powerhouse.

She gives me hope, And the night before she left she hugged me and put her head right on my shoulder and squeezed. A sign of just how scared, happy, sad, excited, loving she really was and still is. But I know she’s going to do great. Do you know why? Because she put in the work to find herself.

What a wonderful human being who lights this world up. The community is so lucky to have her back.

With Love
Her adoring and lifelong sister,