An Angel Sent Me Etiquette Tips From JRP!!!    by    Ruth Utnage

First, thank you for the tips on etiquette from JRP! This is EXACTLY what I was looking for! Thank you thank you! How cool.

Second, I would like to send a thank you card. Let me know how to do this because right now, this ‘angel’ is a mystery! Is the address on the envelope appropriate for me to reply to?

Third, yo, your girl went to John Robert Powers in Seattle in 1998! What?! I paid an arm and a leg that I had to borrow and spend the entire summer paying back for acting lessons that served as a really good reminder that I was UNCOMFORTABLE in my skin! I, of course, was still a boy then…chunky thing at that. lol. Oh god…those were the days.

What was best about that experience was being in Seattle for the first time by myself. I didn’t want to come home. I wanted to pretend my new home was at the top of the Columbia Tower and my Lincoln Towncar service waited for me outside of the building I was in with a white gloved man who opened the door for me saying “After you Madam” and I’d place my hand in his to sit down like a lady before being ushered to whatever adventure awaits in some other part of Seattle. I still have that as a dream only now I think about wearing red bottoms and instead of an driver wearing a black suit and white gloves getting into a town car I think about a gorgeous person daring me to get into their ride with a glint of danger in their eyes and a smile that whispers “do you trust me?”.

Yeah…thanks for the memories and the papers. I am indebted.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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