Side Piece or Mistress? Let Me Tell You About Me    by    Ruth Utnage

I’m all about progressive culture and part of LGBTQ life can include polyamorous relationships. I’m in support of such things if it makes everyone happy because I know several people that are in poly relationships and they are wonderfully happy. But you know what I’m not into? Being a side piece.

I’m nobodies second, nobodies. Let me tell you what I am though

I’m a go getter, driven, intelligent, survivor, I’m all woman and all Queen with a capital Q on a path to hit that upper echelon of success that brings old friends out of the woodwork and brings family that used to hate me to my doorstep.

I’m a no nonsense, business-faced, perseverant, ready to scrap fighter who knows what she wants in life because I’m a boss and nobody is going to stop me from handling my dreams, nobody.

I love hard and with everything I got and I am way to good to be someone’s second or one of their “women”.

This Queen is too much King to be anyone’s mistress.

The better come correct or understand why I’m too good for them.

With Love
Ruth Utnage

Feel free to contact me, a little human contact is always welcome

Ruth Utnage fka jeff 823469 C-601-2
PO Box 888
Monroe, WA. 98272

or via Jpay email service (you have to use my birth name, but, please do not call me by it, my new legal name is Ruth)

Jeff Utnage