You Can’t Have It Both Ways…    by    Rory Andes

I keep hearing Republican pundits commenting on the issues of criminal justice reform. Most of it negative in tone, unless it’s a policy point. One in particular spoke about the “failures” of no cash bail systems and how New York City Democrats have failed policies. Plenty of cities use a system of risk assessments to release from pretrial confinement. Really, if someone was accused of misconduct, why would tens to hundreds of thousands in bail make sense? Does this prove safety? More over, what does “due process” really mean to the courts so accustomed to indigent people? Money talks? That’s the intro to a judicial process? Back to my point…

These pundits beat the drum nightly about how awful the accused are. Crime is the fault of the arrested. Police are the greatest. Us vs them… huh? But make sure to vote Republican because Trump is a champion of criminal justice reform… (But, I guess only after someone lost a lifetime in a failed system). You can’t have it both ways. The US Constitution makes room for the accused to get a fair shake, to including bail. How about we use it. And as a conservative myself, how about we make room for things like compassion, forgiveness, rehabilitation, and redemption. How about when the trial (or the sentence) is over and the defendant is done defending, they are allowed back into American society with ALL the potential afforded to all citizens? That seems to be in line with the Evangelical perspectives Republicans need to win elections. Unless of course they’ve both been full of shit all along…

by Rory Andes

While you can’t please everyone, hypocrisy doesn’t please anyone.

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