Note To Self: Be Calm, Stay In Control    by    Ruth Utnage

Stuff is wild these days. With so much turmoil and chaos attitudes and tempers can run wild. My own included. I have my own personal chaos happening besides the normal prison-is-getting-worse-by-the-week garbage.

I have an academic paper in editing (and being edited by a giant in the field, one of my personal heroes! No pressure or anything, Sheesh!) which is making me so anxious it turns my stomach. I’m learning to live alone, which, when you’ve never done it…it can be challenging! Many of my friends are going or have gone home and are very busy people and I’m missing my social connections.

But despite all that I refuse to succomb to the chaos. I’ve been a little off balance, uncontained so to speak, but I’m back in check now. I refuse to be wild too. Just a quick note to self:

When the world around you seems to be falling apart- be calm, stay in control. Cut out the people that aren’t good for you or leave you hanging in a time of need, be kind when you do it and move on with life. In the words of Paulo Freire- I am a transformative being and not a being for accommodation.

So, transform this into something great…who’s willing to go there with me?

With Love
Ruth Utnage

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