Post Traumatic Growth…    by    Rory Andes

I happened along this term while cruising channels and landed on a Canadian program on First Nation communities. While I caught the very end of it, the overview was focused on the horrors that struck them as late as the 60’s where the state came in and stole the children of native people for being “unfit” and how those children would grow up. I wish I caught more of it, but the term Post Traumatic Growth was mentioned and my mind grabbed onto it. What does it mean? The context seemed that it was in rebuilding communities and reclaiming identities, but what does it really mean?

I guess I’m struggling with two things… One: I suffer trauma and know the negative. How do I turn that around to growth, systematically enough to warrant a term? Two: How do we educate in the sea of information voids called prison? Wouldn’t access to information be great? Does anyone know the fine details of this term? How can I find out without any access to information? Prisons are bad enough for this type of burden, but add a pandemic and self educating becomes labored at best. If there’s information on this term, how I can be focused towards rehabilitation and how it really applies, I’d like to know…

by Rory Andes

Knowledge is power. Educational resources are where it starts…

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