Qualifications…      by    Rory Andes

“Police can take a life and they can take freedom. Not even the President of the United States can do that and it can weigh on you.” -Dan Bongino, former NYPD, former Secret Service

Yet, one of the men arrested in the George Floyd case was on the job for four days. If they have this level of power over other people, how are they confirmed “qualified” to carry such responsibility and positioning? Even further, it seems to me that if they qualified psychologically at the start of employment, how do they become later evaluated to ensure continued safety? Is this, too, none of the public’s business, like so many other policing functions?

The military is constantly under scrutiny about how they conduct themselves within the standards of worldwide accords. There are systems in place to intently train and evaluate soldiers to keep from going too far. Unit leaders train and correct, military justice disciplines, and the newest guy isn’t responsible for the hardest task. He’s trained into it. How does this work for police? Was the newest guy that day really powerless to prevent a killing? Had there not been video of the Floyd incident, who would know and would it be revealed? And shouldn’t qualification standards be paramount, considering the people impacted are the free American societies?

From what’s being told daily on national media, there are constant cracks in the country’s police forces that the public isn’t allowed to see. That needs to change. The standards of qualifications and implementation need to be available at every turn. But, if you’re not allowed to see what’s right in front of you on your city streets, think about what you can’t see behind the walls of America’s prisons….

by Rory Andes

Authority needs qualifications and transparency. Demand it….

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