Give a Damn, Please…     by     Rory Andes

Plenty of programs exist after prison and a few are so professional that the broken don’t know how to exist in that realm without assistance. People in prison need people out there. I mean, we NEED society to know we still exist and matter and need the connection. Part of the punishment is to be removed from society… Ok, got it, and rightly so. But to forget and ignore the incarcerated is just cruel. To dispose of humans and pride ourselves as civilized is beyond sensible. We don’t live in your neighborhoods just yet, but 97% of us will. Until we get there, please let us live in your hearts and communicate with us…

Why am I beating this drum? Why am I riding you, the public, with this kind of direct thinking? Two days ago, I had a friend fall apart in my arms over being forgotten. The last of his family, one sister, is all that remain of his connection to the outside and in a pandemic world, the connection is failing. He’s tried to establish penpals and connect to formerly incarcerated freinds, but with no results. What years of dwindling connectivity has done to him has made him fearful of your world… but you can help change that. Pick up a pen and write someone in prison. Tell them that they matter and that they have a place in your world. Do it because it’s the right thing to do for your fellow man. Do it because people like my friend have been crushed by 26 years of incarceration and the last five scare him without you. But for God’s sake, just give a damn, please…

by Rory Andes

Just say hello and change a life….

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