Releasing From Prison Is Expensive! (What’s A Girl To Do?)     by    Ruth Utnage

I came to prison in 2011, I release next year and it is time to begin mapping what I will need. A girlfriend of mine just released from prison and spent over $1000 in clothes in the first week, needed clothing. I thought it was too much until I thought about it. A few pairs of shoes to match occasions, undergarments, dress pants, leisure pants, interview clothes, dress shirts, workout clothes, nightwear, then let’s not neglect the trans specific items…plus there’s makeup and dishes and my license reinstatement fee…releasing is going to be EXPENSIVE!

I think I need a gofundme. Here’s the expenses and items I know I need to meet immediately:

Clothes – $1000
License reinstatement – $275
Rent – $1500
College – $2000/quarter????????? who knows…
Household items – $300 (dishes, hangers, cleaners)
Household appliances – $500 (microwave, blender, coffeepot, etc)
Food – $200/month
Cellphone – $300 (?)
Laptop for college – $500 (?)
Hormones – $30 (?)
Dental (your girl needs new teeth, that’s all there is to it, I’m afraid to smile and it will definitely hold me back) – (?)

There’s so much more. I still owe legal fees, which are just over $5k but I still have to pay it somehow and I know I will run into unexpected stuff, like a vacuum and broom, bus passes, hair ties, plus I haven’t eaten a good meal in 10 years. Then there’s school expenses.

I refuse to not go to college, I’m going and that’s that. I’ll go into however much debt I need to in order to get educated and I’m going to be the best damned student I can be because it’s THAT important to me.

Plus I have to pay to on community supervision and pay for lie detector tests and maybe he my hair done once in a while. I am a normal person and I am beginning to see that getting back to normalcy is going to be seriously expensive.

In prison I take home $.39 an hour and I have to pay full price for everything I need (soap, fingernail clippers, deoderant) and still try to save money for release, which I will have around $500 if I don’t email, write or call anyone for the next 15 months (all things I have to pay for).

I was thinking a gofundme, have any ideas or would you like to help?

With Love
Ruth Utnage

Ruth Utnage fka jeff 823469 C-601-2
PO Box 888
Monroe, WA. 98272

or via Jpay email service (you have to use my birth name, but, please do not call me by it, my new legal name is Ruth)

Jeff Utnage