Thursday, March 11, 2021

Rainbow Hammers... by Rory Andes

Asatru - The ancient Norse mythology celebrated by the Vikings...

Sadly, as many religions go, it's been used in prison as a tool for violence and subjugation for those who can't understand the spiritual elements of faith. While I'm absolutely no expert on the practice and principles of this particular faith, I do know the narrow minds of white supremacy that use it as a call to others of similar mindsets. They make themselves very clear in their tattoo work. An Asatru hammer, or Mjolnir, like the idea behind Thor, mixed in the same body art as a Nazi swastika, KKK symbols, and portraits of Hitler makes rivals understand their belief. Inevitably, it is the imagery of prison gangs that come with no principles, just ignorance. I live in a prison where those that practice their brand of ignorance and violence weren't even accepted by their own, yet they continue to spout their divisive, vile bullshit. They talk about "white this, white that and what good whites do"... all the while, they've usually engaged in habitual drug use, sex for power (rape if you're confused), and drug deals with other races within prison (is that ok in their tough guy, racist handbook?). I'm not sure how that "advances their cause" as they'd have their gang believe. A lot of righteous talk for such unprincipled people. But they display the Mjolnir with pride... Sick-as-fuck pride...

The other day, a good friend of mine and an incredible artist, took on a project. He's a member of the LGBT community and drew "their" hammer to extraordinary detail. It was a great piece of work... to top it off, he colored it as a motif for gay pride. It was absolutely beautifully rainbowed. The simple minds of the hate group were up in arms and beside themselves and I loved it! To me, this gifted artist took a snapshot that was famous... He became the hippie placing the daisy down the barrel of the soldier's rifle. He took their symbol of hate and made it contradictory art. Sooner or later, acts like his will be the thing to shut all of the ignorance up. It's hard to spew venom with a mouth full of flowers...

by Rory Andes

End hate anywhere it stands...

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