Saturday, October 3, 2020

Best Days For Everyone... by Rory Andes

Last week, I quit a program I have dearly enjoyed... I quit our quilting program. I did it for a large variety of reasons, most personal, but one of the biggest factors is that October marks 36 months remaining on this sentence, and as time and space are required to accomplish free world tasks, I just figured I'd get on board and focus my energies into working, writing, research, study, and planning. Free world work. But, I had to let go of some prison parts to do that...

While cleaning my project box, I came across a photo of a meme my ex-fiancée sent me that I once hung over my sewing station, back in very good, very different times between her and me. It read, "What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven't happened yet." When I received it, the "our lives" was a pair, both of us, our two dreams. I remember thinking to myself back then, "Get through this sentence for the sake of us both. Believe in these words." She didn't work out and I became something different entirely, something better...

That was then and while I remember how I felt about the meme, it's brand new now. It has a new, brilliant meaning. My whole life has a new meaning and "our lives" include my singularity and that of those in my universe. In my singularity, our lives include EVERYONE. It's so much more inclusive and free. "OUR LIVES!" Say it out loud! To me, it now says that in 36 months, every day with everyone has every chance to be part of my "best days". Look forward... Focus...

I really only say 36 months because there are no coffee shops in here to meet my friends and dream our dreams over a cup of coffee while listening to the rhythm of life all around us. But I have already met the people in "our lives". Ruth, Marshall, Christopher, and many, many more, both inside and out, are in that equation and we do dream about the best days, the ones right in front of us. The ones we're now ready for... together. The best days in our lives haven't happened just yet. But damn, it's warming right up to it and those day are coming fast. You're invited. Come share your best days with us...

by Rory Andes

An old memento, a new direction... progress...

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