Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Prison Abolitionists. by Rory Andes

In the world I live in, radicalized people have a knack for repackaged their brand of violence. Then they spread that branding. It's still dangerous...

Recently, a former gang leader and recipient of a life sentence due to the "three strikes" laws, moved into our block. He fancies himself as a legal aficionado, a devotee to his perception of the constitution, a knower of "his rights". He's every bit a dangerous person and he's chosen to hide behind the cause of prison abolition because he can pound his fists and condemn the "cowards" who don't follow suite with his radical beliefs, the other inmates. Demand others to think what you think against "the system" or catch all the shitty attitude in the world. Some might view it as bullying, but however you view it, it's repackaged violence...

Sadly, the ideation of prison abolition has the potential to bring out every lunitic within prisons. This particular individual exclaims that because he committed all of his charged strikes before he was 25 years old, he should be absolved of all culpability. "The science proves that until I was 25, I can't be held accountable," he says in reference to new reforms in juvenile prosecutorial approaches. He's made a name for himself that he's "unlawfully restrained". He thinks that they need to tear down the door for him and close the prisons once he leaves. All of them. Never once does he express remorse or take accountability for his wrongs... He simply infects those around him with the vile wit he has come to embrace as "knowing the law".

Prisons need desperate reform, without question. But there will always be a need for them to house those that have grown too dangerous for society. And because of the need for such extensive reform, it's prime grounds to spread the seeds of discontent. In order to end the radicalism of prison abolitionists and to take the wind out of the sails of lunitics, demand the changes that need to be made. Changes to the communities, changes to policing, changes to prosecution and importantly, changes to the prisons themselves. Danger exists. So does the need for prisons. Don't end them, fix them...

by Rory Andes

When radicals become the messenger, be careful of the message...

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