Thursday, May 14, 2020

Fried Chicken and a New Friend...     by    Rory Andes

Tonight, I savored the taste of fried chicken (which we don't get in prison) from a fundraiser that contributed its proceeds to a local food bank. The impact of the proceeds was already a flavor I enjoy, but the chicken was tasty and I can't tell you how much I miss the meat of poultry that has bones in it. The chicken also came with a little tub of mashed potatoes, seasoned with brilliance. But that was just the start of a wonderful, free world style experience...

I also had a great introductory conversation with a girl I met through Marshall (it's been over two years since I used the phone for enjoyment reasons). The last time I used the phone for personal reasons, ones that I felt had a human connection, it was traumatic. Its been so long since I used the phone, I realized that they've changed all the prompts when dialing. The last time I used it, it was to part ways with someone and was during a deeply painful emotional period, a period of failed humanity. All of my business reasons for using a phone since have been sparse and tied to revisiting messes from the past.

But this call tonight was a connection to another person, whom I didn't know, for a positive social interaction. I feel very human and connected. And I made an awesome new friend, which makes me ecstatic. I'm looking forward to more conversations and letter writing with her and for the first time in ages, I heard the echo from the canyon. I didn't even have to scream into it. I simply picked up the phone and listened to the voice of someone I deeply want to know and learn from...

by Rory Andes

Good food is wonderful. Good friends are life changing....

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