Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Blind Kindness...    by    Rory Andes

Near the end of March, I had someone appear on my contact list for my email. I don't know her. I thought that perhaps this person saw an ad I posted on a pen pal site recently and was responding. I saw the name and emailed her. There was no reply. You see, we sometimes have people who show up on our email service to buy stamps (yes, our email works on a purchasable stamp) because some states charge more than others. Sign up on one state's inmate, buy at that rate for another. Simple economics. I'm only assuming this is why she appeared on my contact list. Either that or she's remarkably timid. Anyway, there the name sat for weeks...

Today, I got an email from the email service informing me that she bought stamps and they were put on my account. I have no control over this, nor can I return them, and I felt incredibly... mixed in the emotion. Guilt, joy, hopeful and empathetic. I can't help her fix this problem by returning them, yet, I was overwhelmed to have the stamps. I thought that perhaps I know nothing about her motive and became hopeful for a connection with someone who cares enough to care about someone (even if it was misguided to me). And lastly, my heart poored out to her. Could she really afford this error and is someone suffering in its shadow? How frustrating is this email service that this error happens enough to notice? Is she reliant on those stamps to stay connected to someone in prison because the world is frozen in time right now? So many questions and so much concern...

Yet, in the end, I'm humbled and blessed for this instance of her blind kindness. I'm humbled for the chance at an instance of humanity. Maybe she did miss her target and she landed in my inbox instead. But to me, it's her kindness that truly matters. She cares for someone who's incarcerated and even if it was in error and I became the benefactor, I'm simply grateful for her beautiful contribution and I can't thank her enough for her giving heart...

Oh!! And if you were wondering... Yes, I did write my gratitude to her via email message. Who knows, maybe she'll respond?

by Rory Andes

When you do something kind, the whole world smiles...

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