Monday, March 30, 2020

Alone Like Me...    by    Rory Andes

If you're reading this, you may be scared and alone. Our world is being swallowed in the darkness of the Coronavirus and it's the first time in our lifetimes that we've been enveloped in a viral pandemic. It's scary. And for many, it's the first time you've felt this isolated because you can't do the things you want or enjoy the people you love. It feels alone. Terribly alone... But, you're alone like me. You and I are experiencing the same feelings and the same sensations. You have every right to feel upset, worried, lost... anything. I understand. I feel those, too.

It's ok to be human in this difficult time. You're not weak for it. I understand because we are both in an imposed prison and as overwhelming as it is right now, we both will survive it. One day, you and I will both see the traffic down Main Street, have dinner at our favorite eateries, enjoy a collection of our friends, among collections of others' friends, and it will come soon enough. But for now, know that I, we, are here with you. It may be lonely out there, but you're alone like me. That means you're not alone at all. Keep your head up and enjoy tomorrow, because it's coming for both of us...

by Rory Andes

When you're scared and uncertain, it's ok. You're human....

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