Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Minus Sixty Days    by    Marshall Byers

My amazing sister flew in from Texas last weekend. The main objective, planning my exit from prison. How exciting. I do realize having Main Street shut down for a parade next summer is a little unrealistic, however, it is the second most important day of my life! Among the incredible content of our conversation, I had the pleasure of delivering wonderful news. I just earned sixty more days of good time. Hard work pays off!

I have more great news. After graduating with honors while earning my Associates of Technical Arts Degree in Business, Washington State past a law that awarded me a High School Diploma for making it this far in life while in prison. WooooooH-HoooooW! Yeah, so what, I'm forty years old and I just graduated from high school...and just down the road from where I attended school.

If there were more teachers/instructors like Ms. McKay and Ms. Nelson in the world, there would be less prisons and more schools. Heck Yeah!

Tons of Love,
Marshall Byers
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