Thursday, January 23, 2020

Mice In The Attic ?     by   Marshall Byers

Have you ever had the pleasure of living on the ground floor of an apartment building? Kids running around having fun, people going up an down stairs, and whatever else goes on above simply can't be ignored because of the booming noise. I wish only mice lived in my attic. As of last week, they moved a guy in above me that killed two of his last cell mates.

Yep. Now this man lives directly above me, and he paces back an forth pounding on the floor like some creature in the night in a horror film. My imagination runs wild at times, for instance, am I next on his list because I remind the crazed killer of previous victims? Talk about extreme contrast. I'm the worlds happiest dude, and this man, well I truly can't judge because I don't know him yet, even if he cut the eyes out of his last cell mate, it could be that my extreme happiness just might be what he needs??

To be continued...

Love over Fear,
Marshall Byers

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