We’ve learned in 2020 that we are adaptable. We all know that a lot has happened so far and the year isn’t over yet. We still have the most important election since Abraham Lincoln coming in just a few days where the results might just send our country into a civil war, at least it seems that way from my corner of the world.

I’ve fallen in and out of love and back in and now trying to fall back out again. I’ve thought about giving up and just as quickly stomped that image out of the mud puddle I was looking into now I see it was only my past I was looking at.

HumanMe is fighting to be seen and along with that fight is my ability to use it in just a few short months when I release.

I’ve completed a treatment program that has been brutal but one thing’s for sure, I know I am one resilient individual. What remains to be seen is whether or not I resent that being found out. If my resilience ends up leading to my happiness it will be hard to despise, but if I’m being honest right now I’m kinda spiteful someone even wanted to know.

I think to myself what is it about this year I’m going to remember most in 20 years? Will it be the year I fell in love more than once and got my heart broken? Will it be the year a new war started? Will it be COVID-19? The year isn’t even over yet. I still have irons in the fire, it’s still October, after all.

I could sure use a Weeping Willow Tree to stand under right about now.

With Love
Ruth Utnage
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