Wednesday, December 11, 2019

#Hustle Harder by Marshall Byers

Leo Novsky has this printed on his shirt, if you don't have one yet, you're simply missing out! I would like one sent to my son and daughter for Christmas, can anybody help me accomplish this??

Along with many inspiring things I kept hearing from the first cohort of Defy, it was "HUSTLE HARDER" that peaked my interest. I learned all about the meaning behind it, and then rearranged my whole thought process because of it. For instance, Defy had X amount of room for the next course, and Y amount of people wanted in. The message I received if I wanted in twenty-seven miles. I wanted into Defy like I need air to breathe, I ran ninety-seven miles! Pain of discipline over pain of regret!

With Love,
Marshall Byers

Contact Me @

Marshall Byers #769274
MCC-TRU D-307-1
P.O. BOX 888
Monroe, WA
Marshall Byers #769274

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  1. LOL. Thanks Marshall. We dont have enough Tshirts, but I will make it my priority to put some for sale.


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