Thursday, November 7, 2019

Marshall's Bakery by Marshall Byers

It's against the rules to place a welcome mat outside my cell door, or a sign above my door that reads Marshall's Office of Positivity. However, on the inside is a different story. For fun, I like to make a sign depending on the activity I'm currently doing, and tape it to the wall. For instance..

1) Marshall's Yoga Studio
2) Library Study Hall
3) Dance Floor
4) Beauty Salon
5) Success/Victory Room

Well, you get the point. Today my room is filled with fresh donuts! Last month we had a fundraiser for a local charity, and donuts were on the menu. I think their from Safeway or Fred Myer's?? Back to the yummy donuts. I received a dozen maple bars, and a dozen glazed. At this very moment, I'm laying on my side typing this message, because I consumed seven in a row, and the other one's are staring at me. I think I hear my mom somewhere in the back of my mind saying, "Marshall, don't spoil your appetite before dinner".

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With Love,
Marshall Byers

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