Thursday, October 10, 2019

Technically Challenged by Marshall Byers

So there I was, standing in my pajamas, peering out the frosty window listening to 100.7 The Wolf. Yeah, I enjoy my early morning country music, it makes me light on my toes. Today I heard a new song, well it was new to me. I turned the volume up and started doing a little jig on my bunk, sort of like Tom Cruz in "Risky Business". I freak'n loved this new song soooooooo much, that when it was over, I searched for the cell phone, computer/lab top that I don't have, because I need to find out who sings it and what the title is so I could buy it!

S.O.S.......can anybody help me find this song title/artist?? Here is part of the song. "Tell me everything till there's nothing I don't know about you"

Thaaank you so much,
Marshall Byers

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