Thursday, August 1, 2019

My Simply Request by Marshall Byers

Fellow earthlings, if you would do me the great honor of listening to Phil Collins "You Can't Hurry Love" at high volume while doing a little dance. Look, I wake up to this song daily just for the pure enjoyment of doing the jitterbug, or what I think jitterbugging is. Yeeessss! That's how I wake up.

Disclaimer, although I hate to admit, one warning, you must turn a light on, or end up on your rump like me while going wild in the dark with a chair misplaced in the middle of the floor. Oop's.

Please, would you be willing to have some fun with me? Thanks, I knew you would say yes.

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Pure Enjoyment,
Marshall Byers

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Marshall Byers 769274 D-103-1
P.O. BOX 888
Monroe, WA 98272

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Marshall Byers

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