Monday, July 15, 2019

Six Hundred Dollars by Marshall Byers

I found out that last months fundraising gala for the Seattle Aquarium auctioned off the quilt I made for $600.00 ! ! Heck Yeah.

"Each year, our signature fundraiser brings the Puget Sound's civic and philanthropic leaders together in support of the Seattle Aquarium's mission: Inspiring Conservation of Our Marine Environment. Last summer, the plight of the southern resident Orca population gripped the region with devastating images of Tahlequah's grief for her calf. It is the Seattle Aquarium's solemn hope that this increased awareness will inspire immediate action to conserve the Salish Sea for our shared future. In tribute to this vision, this year's featured animal of SPLASH! 2019 is the orca".

I'm very thrilled to know that I get to make a positive impact to the greater good of the plant and for such a wonderful cause as well. I was reflecting back with deep joy and excitement on that day the event happened, because my quilt that I made in prison was surrounded by thousands of incredibly beautiful, thriving, healthy, compassionate purpose driven people. I feel refreshed and connected to the outside community. My need for love and contribution was met for sure. Thank you everyone.

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With Love,
Marshall Byers

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