Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Pride Event June 27, 2019 MCC-TRU by Marshall Byers

Commemorating Stonewall was incredibly refreshing, encouraging, informative and very humorous. Heck yeah! A few hours of quality engagement, yummy food and beautiful company set the tone. I would love to give a shout out to all the kickass outside guest speakers and community partners. Stephanie Mueller, Elayne Wylie, Dante Meola and Fox Hampton. Gender Justice League, The Trans in Prison Justice Project, Ingersoll Gender Center, Black and Pink, Lavender Rights Project. You rock! Seriously!

The inside speakers were full of compassion, character, dignity and great sustenance. Dana, Renee, Christopher Havens, Rory Andes, Ruth and Marshall-Heck-Yeah-Byers. WooooooH-HooooooooW!

Here is a part of Angela Mogrovejo "Proclamation"

Let words connect you,
as language can,
to only love
and affirmation.

For all that you were.
For all that you are.
For all that you will become.

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