Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Father and Son Reunited by Marshall Byers

The last time my son and I embraced in a giant hug was eons ago. Before the land of time actually. People of planet earth, did you feel the energy surge? My heart ballooned to the size of a goodyear blimp. We both, father and son floated away to happy, chatty, giggle town. My eyes are beat red, puffy, and empty of painful tears from being separated so long. Ahhh, this is what it must feel like to walk again after years of being without leg's or to receive your eye sight back after being completely blind. The healing power of absolute love in life saving. I'm so very proud of my son, I'm beaming. Get them shades on, because the Solar Eclipse ain't got nothing on this . The human spirit continuously surprises me, how one can endure to the point of giving up, and then BAAAMMM ! Plot Twist.

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Backfloating in Pure Love,
Marshall Byers

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