Sunday, June 2, 2019

Tummy Tooth by Marshall Byers

I stepped outside of my prison cell for a moment to check our information board, after reading the up and coming event's, I ran into my ol' buddy Jeremiah. I noticed his face was beat red, I made the comment "what is it old timer, you got allergies or something? He proceeds to tell me a story about how he just got done making himself through up...

Of course I asked WHY ?!?

He says... "I was just eating some yummy fiddle/faddle ooie/gooie treat, but in doing so my front tooth broke lose, and I accidentally swallowed it. I made myself puke so I could save the tooth and have it replaced, but I couldn't get it, It's in my tummy now". 

He said all this with a giant grin, while I gazed through the massive hole in his mouth, no wonder the old timer went through the trouble to get that damn tooth back. Poor guy. Is there a tummy toothfairy In the house?

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