Sunday, May 5, 2019

Volunteer Needed by Jeff aka Ruth Utnage is looking for a volunteer!

We are growing and like all things in life, change is inevitable. What we need is someone who can put up pre-written content daily. Basically copy and pasting after a spell check. No writing required!

What would be super helpful is someone with technical experience or the ability to learn blogger tools. We need to update the websites look and add a few things (like a site link list, these should be widgets available through blogger or Google).

Most importantly though, we need someone dedicated that can do it every day. Everything else I can train you on, even the technical stuff, via phone or email. If interested, write me via snail mail or email, instructions below.

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With Love
Jeff aka Ruth Utnage

Mail To:
Jeff aka Ruth Utnage 823469 D-610-2
P.O. Box 888
Monroe, WA 98272

or email through
DOC: 823469
Name: Utnage, Jeff (though I am legally Ruth)

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