Sunday, April 28, 2019

Life Inside Prison by Marshall Byers

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THIS BATHROOM WILL BE CHECKED AT RANDOM TIMES. ANYBODY CAUGHT WRITING OR DRAWING ON THE WALLS WILL BE INFRACTED.


This is posted on the bathroom wall inside our education building. It's very bazaar reading this notice for the pure fact that it even has to be implemented in the first place. I can't help but imagine some point in history a prisoner was caught red handed scribbling some wild picture or phrase on the wall out of defiance.

Then from the sheer embarrassment of getting caught and having to scrub his scribble off the wall blame shifting, taking no accountability for his actions, only to come back full of resentment and write: F*** You with an arrow pointing up at the notice.

I did chuckle seeing this the first time, only because it reminded me of the past when I was a young rapscallion scrubbing my own scribbles off the wall.

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