Thursday, March 28, 2019

The Come Back Kid by Marshall Byers 1 of 11

I asked myself out loud, "How the hell did I, out of all places in the world, end up in The Hole?!"... I was in solitary confinement inside of Washington State's notorious "Concrete Mama", Washington State Penitentiary at Walla Walla. And I was a mess.

November 30th 2006 I shuffled into Snohomish Co. Court handcuffed and shackled, pain and anger exploding inside. Two hunderd and twenty months for attempted first degree murder. Joining a violent prison gang was my only aim. I was out of control, reckless, insane agony, screaming obscenities.

Waiting, waiting, waiting is all you do at Shelton, WA Receiving Center. Absent of empathy, drowning in apathy, despair and misery served in a cup. Over and over, and over again each day I wished for death, decaying inside this giant abscessed mouth waiting to be shipped out.

I received a chain bag under my cell door the day before, Washington State Penitentiary written in black. Early morning chatter hearing Walla Walla war stories of the dreaded eleven hour bus ride, stabbings and round the clock violent attacks. I became nauseated choking down vomit, dry spit, biting my lip, listening to prison politics before our departure on what to expect.

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