Saturday, February 23, 2019

Up Close An Personal by Marshall Byers

My goodness, we have thee very best book club. Professor Steve is top notch. He takes us all on a trans formative journey with questions that provoke deep emotional stimulation. Although he is not the Professor from Hogwarts which we all thought he would be when he started this UW Book Club one year ago, he's a real kick ass cool guy.

Steve, along with his students are the greatest. If there is another civilization out there somewhere in space and "they" needed a description to emulate..... well, if your listening my far away friend's.........Every third Saturday from 8:30-10:30 you can beam down to catch a glimpse of our worlds best!

Thank you Steve and beautiful students for your incredible emotional support. Your continuance of warmth, affection, trust, and creating a safe environment while sharing your lives openly with me, you have impacted my life deeply.

Ladies, good luck on your finals!

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Ton's of Love,
Marshall Byers

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