Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Defy Ventures Turning Inmates Into CEO's and Beyond by Jeff aka Ruthie Utnage

I have completed thousands of hours of self-help and personal change programs and assignments. Everything from intensive one-on-one therapy to anger management to meditation. I have obtained my Associates degree in Business Management, but none of it has offered my the type of intensive training that Defy Ventures offers. (

Defy Ventures is an Entrepreneur-In-Training (EIT) program with promises to make you the CEO of Your New Life (CEO-YNL). So far I have met CEO's, Entrepreneurs, Executive Directors, Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors, Human Resource Managers and more from companies like Microsoft and Google, in other fields like Real Estate and the Non-Profit sector.

I have not been promised a job, interview, or financial investment. Those things are helpful, but of no use without a solid foundation to work from. Billions of dollars of net worth, in one room with us, and the most valuable thing we received from them...belief.

That's what Defy Ventures is offering, Self-Belief. I know they would describe it in other words. For me, though, they are giving me the gift of self-realization, teaching me the value in my life thus far and how to communicate that to business professionals in every sector.

Our program sponsor and organizer, Leo N., has invested himself into us and "Finds gold where others do not even think to dig", like in prisons.

That's what the world needs more of, people who are willing to step out of their comfort bubbles, face their fears and self-limiting beliefs (another Defy Ventures term I learned) and give the world the most valuable asset available, themselves. Invest it in those that need it so desperately.

This class, CEO-YNL, is by far the most labor intensive I have done to date. Never have I felt that more is on the line which drives me to produce the very best I have to offer, thanks to Leo N. and this little life-changing program called Defy Ventures.

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With Love
Jeff aka Ruthie Utnage

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  1. Thank you Ruth for the powerful words of endorsement. I am honored to have brought Defy Ventures to Washington state and blessed to have a class of committed and thoughtful Entrepreneurs-in-Training like you in my class.

    You said that " what the world needs [is more] people who are willing to step out of their comfort bubbles, face their fears and self-limiting beliefs and give the world the most valuable asset available-- themselves." I could not have said it better myself. In fact, I'll quote you on it! ;-)

    For those who have never been inside a prison, it is a hard place to find self belief. And when someone does not fit the mold, and being lgbtq is definitely not fitting the mold, life is even harder. Ruth shows that the hardest environments are often the best sharpeners of spirit if 1 is to approach it at the sharpening angle :-)

    For those of you who want to learn more about Defy Ventures Washington, to volunteer and to donate to support Ruth and her fellow EITs, go to

    Defy the Odds,


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