Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Looking Out The Window by Marshall Byers

Silent soft and slow comes the morning glow
Birds floating by in the sky
My face pressed against the cold hard prison bars
Arm and hand outstretched
The sun warms my soul
Clouds drifting
The mountains
The tall and endless mountains
Steep, jagged, deep green and full of life
Whisper words, hypnotizing
Days go by
They just keep going by
Fading............fading into the night
Thick fog moves in
Black birds flying home for the night
Prison lights blaze, glare, gleam and glow
You can see them wherever you go
Laying on my bunk staring out the window
Thinking out loud what a beautiful sunset
I am alone but not lonely
My soul is my companion
I can hear the Sky River giggle, lap and trickle
Cotton woods
A summers snow when the wind blows
Days go by
They keep fading into the night
Fields swimming in fog
Birds floating by in the sky
Prison lights blaze, glare, gleam and glow
You can see them wherever you go
Walking down to thee old burnt down train trestle
Gravel and grit under foot
Black tar seeping
Wood soaked swollen
Crazy climbing
Hot dry steel,warn metal rusty
As I sit and listen
Mesmerized by the swift flow
River below
Eyes closed, intoxicating thoughts
Endless thrills.......

Marshall Byers

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